25 - Touch wood if you wouldn't mind (PSE)

Why is English this chaotic, confusing and full of exceptions? I don't know. May be some of you may want to find an answer.

25 - Touch wood if you wouldn't mind (PSE)

We have collected a lot of words recently and we have noted that English words don't sound as their vowels imbedded in them sound. In Thai there are a lot of ways to represent any different vowel sounds with a rich set of vowel letters. In English, there are more vowel sounds than there are vowel letters.

English words don't sound as they should by their vowel components. (Did you note 'should' sounds 'shood'; 'would' sounds 'wood'; 'could' sounds 'cood', but 'sound' sounds 'ซาวหนืด'; 'mould'[fungus] sounds 'โมวลดึ' --not 'mood' มู๊ด--
and 'wound' sounds 'วูนดึ' when it is a noun meaning injury or 'วาว นดึ' when it is a past tense form of the verb 'wind' (ไวนดึ)[หมุน] which sounds 'วินดึ' when wind is a noun for moving air.)

How would these words sound:  

- head, lead (metal), read (past tense), weather,...
+ heat, lead (verb), read, wheat,...

- does, loess, oesophagus,
+ doe, aloe, foe, goes (verb), toe/toes, woe, coed

[Why not have some fun making up lists to show how "silly" English words can sound? Please share your lists to surprise your buddies -- here!]

We know words like 'chaotic' เค ออ ทิก (from chaos เค ออซ), together ทู เกเดอรึ (not 'ทู เกต เฮอรึ'), somewhat ซัม วอท (not 'โซ มิว แฮท'),...
So, how do we know where to break words into syllables?
We will need more practice. We will need to read English words enough times that our senses can accept their (silly) sounds. [Touch wood! ;-) ]
[We know an example in Thai, 'คอนกรีต' can be read as 2 syllables 'คอน กรีต' or as 3 syllables...]

Why is English this chaotic, confusing and full of exceptions?
I don't know. May be some of you may want to find an answer.

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ภาษาไทยเราใช่ย่อยนะครับ เช่น ตากลม ตาก-ลม สระอา (สะหละอา ) สระบุรี แต่สระน้ำ (สะน้ำ) ทราบ-ซาบ

ไม่ได้อ่าน มีดอกไม้ ให้กำลังใจ

เพราะไม่คล่อง ภาษา แต่ว่าชอบ

มาเรียนรู้ ศึกษา หาคำตอบ

แวะมามอบ ดอกไม้ ไว้ผูกพันธ์

It is fun and 'constructive' to look for 'irregularities' (odd bits) in any language. We get better with more use of language, more understanding of where words come from (and why),... [I will give more examples in another post.]

At this point in time, "Plain and Simple English" looks very much a misnomer (wrong name). But this is the point where 'real world' (not simplified model) is 'studied'. Once we know a language's true reality, we can use the language better. We can use languages as tools like any other tool (in our bag) ;-) .

P.S. Two names come to my mind when Google is mentioned: Sergey Brin and Larry Page ('Perl' language originator). I don't know what Google means or where it comes from.

(Mark) Zuckerberg (ซูคเคอเบอรึก of Facebook) is possibly of a (Jewish-) German origin. Deutsch (language) is a lot more regular (like Thai) than English in term of pronunciation (vowel sounds are 'true' to letters). (Ich nicht sprechen deutsch. ;-)

Thank you Ico24 วอญ่า-ผู้เฒ่า-natachoei--

And how are you?

I appreciate your words : "...แวะมามอบ ดอกไม้ ไว้ผูกพันธ์..." it reminds me of มาลัย(สุจริต) http://www.gotoknow.org/blogs/posts/449314) and makes me wonder how the girl and her granny are doing.

We are deeply concerned when we can see and touch. We don't feel as strong for disasters in far away places. But you may have proven 'that' to be wrong. ;-)

Thank you Ico48โอ๋-อโณ

That is very good observation of English. It is definitely hard to reason out why some English expressions are what they are.

All we can do now is to note these crazy things and try to use them sometimes -- just for fun ;-)

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