Patient safety and Quality management

         Everyone wants to the best from service of health besides safety and quality. Incidentally view of each people have different such as patient quality means to cure , relief , safe , comfort /  professional quality means to standard / system management  means to lawful. Infact it doesn’t go to the goal from many causes  for example to medication error , injuries link to medication used , incorrect calculate dosage , mistake the time , hospital infection , contamination etc.

            All care managements want to provide the best care for their patients including safety and quality.  But there are a few problems.  Let focus on people and the procedure.

-                   People and Staff

o   Lack of training.

o   Long hours on the shift could cause fatigued and human error.

o   Working together as a team.

-                   System and Work Flow

o   Flow of information and communication need to be consistence among the specialists, for example, a family doctor knows about allergies to the patient but his heart doctor has no knowledge of that.

o   Some procedures were working great in the past but now there are better technology and procedures that make it more efficient.

Albert Einstein said  “No problem can be solved within the same consciousness which cause it”

so other person from another job should joy hand solved together. 



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