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Practice practice make perfect

Dear All


I am willing to thank you  to vote me and IF. So that, we have to make commitment for helping each other and join together about English language society in order to improve our English skills. I think that if you have a problem, you can post all of issues in the Block.


Further more information, I believe in your potential to drive your skills and can be successful when we graduate in this intensive English course 12 weeks.


Best Regard


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Behind the clouds and mist of cold

The warming light of sun doth show

Within the depth of darkling night

The stars yet shining out their light.

Will the time come to light my days

And shed those pain and lone away

Will someone come and hold me near

I long for thee to stop my tears

Will there be sun behind my clouds

Or will my star ever be found

I long, I wish, o my heart cries

For someone I could call as mine.

IP: xxx.151.232.70

I need to practice writing and grammar. Do you know what is the best way to improve this skill?


Dear all

You can see a knob in the right conner OK, when you post your order successfully that should press it for upload your messeages

Thanks you

IP: xxx.151.232.70

Hi how r u