Before going to the field: Research ethics approval from Thai Authority

the process may takes one to several months

If one wants to collect oral health status data by oral health examination, the project should be approved by Thai Ministry of Public Health Ethics Committee. The guideline for preparing required document is shown in this link .The procedure for the approval may takes one to several months. Researcher needs to be in a meeting which the committee would ask some questions about the project. Please be noted that the committees may ask many questions covered everything not only issues that concerned with participants’ safety. Moreover, most of the committees are not familiar with the social science concepts. So, if your research objectives involved social science concepts, be prepared as if you are defending your research proposal make it as simple as possible. After defending your project, you may required to change your wordings in your proposed paper, in your information sheet for participants and in your inform consent. I would recommend reading the guideline that you download from the link above and copy all required words and sentences that are needed to appear in your inform consent and information sheet. The secretary team will contact you by fax or phone when they need anything. Phone number to contact them are 02- 591-8251, 590-6171-2 , fax number is 02- 591-8251 and email addresses are, .


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