A Chinese Industrial Evolution 2

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I'd like to offer another example of ‘A Chinese Industrial Evolution’ (1) to give an idea of the span of evolution - as Thais would say ตั้งแต่ไม้จิ้มฟัน ยันเรือรบ (‘from toothpicks to battleships’).   

This story is again on Quora (a cloud-based/crowd-based knowledge forum, so,  you will have to verify the facts offered yourselves). This is about China's development of passenger airliners (commercial jet planes) with comparison (on cost) to US Boeing.   Read the story in 


It is worth thinking about this:  
--Once China gets its own supply chain for Commercial Aircraft they will make their components for 30% price and sell Aircraft for $ 35–45 Million against $ 110–120 Million for Boeing and Airbus   
 Most of the Global South will buy by 2035    
 It's BYD all over again   
The comments that follow are worth a scan.

See also:

As we know air crafts comprise of thousands components put together in very exact positions and ways. The part list (bill of materials) is very long and so is the manual for fitting (assembly and disassembly). The supply chain covers very sundry and various industries and technologies. Optimization of supply chain, for improved quality and performance of parts, adequate quantity on demand and for lower cost, is always creating constant battles among part producers. 

This is the competitive situation similarly happening in supply chains of many modern products (phones, EVs, TVs,..) - a longer lasting economic driver for efficiency and productivity (at minimal negative impacts on people and environment). An [official] investment in product supply chain industries is obviously far more and longer beneficial than a money give-away storm that blow in and out.   

Thailand is looking for hallmark products and industries. And a culture that keeps its people Thai, independent and proud



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