insights into how the world financial system works. And why USA must keep the world in turmoil.


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Interesting and Excellent Read worth your 30 minutes by Julian Assange. Deep insights into how the world financial system works. And why USA must keep the world in turmoil.

The US said its goal is to "weaken and defeat Russia" in Ukraine. Is China the next target after defeating Russia?
100%. In fact, under Trump, the plan was to be friend with Russia, while America take on China. When American troops were pulled out of Afghanistan, everyone was guessing which would be the next target, and many guessed it would be Taiwan. But Biden’s think tank has a bigger stomach, they go for both.

To understand why Russia and China are targeted. We need to look at how the US economy works.

Former American NSA chief Zbignew Brzezinski once put it: “It is IMPERATIVE that no Eurasian challenger emerges capable of dominating Eurasia and thus of also challenging America”.

Because America has just 4% of the world’s population, and it’s isolated from the Eurasia continent with 70% of world’s population, or 87% with Africa included (Red circle). Defensively, it’s an advantage to America, but economically, it’s a handicap. That’s why economically, Eurasia is a competitor to America and the Euro is a threat to the dollar.

How does America with an isolated and small share of world’s population maintain it’s position as the world’s biggest economy? The dollar must stay as the world’s reserve currency. This allows the size of the US economy to be highly scalable, instead of being sized according to the fundamentals.

To be the world’s reserve currency, the dollar must be circulated in the world. America created a huge consumption-based economy, so that dollars flow out of America to product suppliers like China or Japan. To make products, China and Japan need energy, the dollars are spent to buy petrol from Saudi. With the US stock/financial market performing at an averaged annual gain of 37% (inflation compensated) per year since 1990, the dollars from Saudi are attracted back to America. The money printed in America to exchange for goods from outside eventually ends up with the Wall Streets, where the rich gets richer. And that completes the cycle of circulation of the dollars.

For that to work, (a) Saudi has to sell petrol in dollar, hence the petrol-dollar scheme with Saudi, (b) the US stock/financial markets have to perform better than other major economies, that’s why America has a highly leveraged financial economy and highly speculative stock market, while the less profitable manufacturing sector is outsourced to China. With a good living standards, America attracts top talents around the world to bolster its high technology sector, so a technological gap is maintained between America and other major economies like China. And that’s the real reason why the world leading patents holder in 5G, Huawei, is banned.

After selling products to America, if China or Japan bring back all their dollars and exchange to the local currencies, it causes inflation, making their exports expensive. So, China and Japan use a portion of the dollar earned to buy US debts (treasury bonds). That’s why America, a rich country, is in-debt to China which has just 1/5th of America’s GDP per capita. By holding US treasury bills, China and Japan have to support the US dollar, for if the US dollar collapse, their hard earned money would become worthless. In China’s case, some of the dollar is also used to fund the Belt and Road Initiatives projects all around the world, so when the infrastructures are built, they have more business opportunities in the future.

With a huge population, if Asia and Africa develop rapidly, the share of America’s economy shrinks, and the importance of the US dollars shrinks accordingly, and then the Euro could replace it as the world’s reserve currency. When that happens, the USA would no longer be able to print money out of nothing without an inflation like Venezuela. Then the size of the American economy has to fall back to the fundamentals, which is small nowadays compared to the inflated economy. The faster Eurasia grow, the earlier that will come. That’s why no country in Eurasia is allowed to be economically big compared to America. When Japan was catching up fast on America in the 1980s, they were knocked down to a three decade stagnancy. And the IMF’s influence in the decision making in the financial plans of the developing countries make sure that these countries could only afford paying interests over a long period of time, and little money for meaningful infrastructures and economy development, so labor cost remains cheap and the share of America’s economy remains big.

When America prints a lot of money, other countries’ foreign reserves in dollars shrink in value. Furthermore, to prevent exports to America become expensive, these countries have to print money too, which devalues the savings of the people, and causing inflations in these countries. For some countries, inflation can be mitigated by producing more. But for the lower tier exports like agricultural products, ramping up production is not possible in a short time due to limited time and resources, so the developing countries are most affected by inflation. It is estimated that our wealth in cash depreciate about 9% every year since the abolishment of the Bretton Wood System, after which America started to print money with no more gold-backing and rely on just creditability.

Although North America continent is the easiest to defend, America has a military budget the combine of the next top 11 countries in the world (year 2021). That’s because the money (from the money printers and American tax payers), are used outside of America for its 800 military bases around the world to protect America’s interests and most importantly, to protect the hegemony of the dollar.

For the record, USA had no mercy on anyone threatening the dollars:

** In 2000 Saddam Hussein said he would start selling oil in Euros not Dollars. >Saddam was hanged by the US.

** In 2009 Gaddafi made Libya export oil in Gold Dinars. >Gaddafi was killed by US-backed NTC.

** Syria had an independent Central Bank NOT under Federal Reserve controlled Bank of International Settlements (like Iraq and Libya once had before US regime change). >Obama attempted to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

** Iran has been trading oil in currencies other than US dollars since 2011. >Iran was being sanctioned by the US.

** In 2019, Putin (1) completely ditched dollars in oil trades, (2) sold almost all the US treasury bonds, (3) is now the forerunner in de-dollarization. >America wants to topple Putin.

** China (1) introduced the Belt and Road Initiatives in 2013 which helps many Asian, African, South American countries to grow, (2) used non-dollar in oil trades with Iran and Russia, (3) introduced the CIPS which is an alternative to the West’s SWIFT system which has been weaponized by America to put sanctions on countries that do not conform, (4) China’s economy size is catching up fast >China has become America #1 target.

If a country supports the dollar, it’s being looted; if a country doesn’t support the dollar, the government is changed by America. This is financial slavery.

40% of the dollars in existence in America was printed during the last 12 months. America’s debt has reached 30 Trillion dollars. This huge bubble and weaponization of the dollar, by sanctioning 39 countries, has increased the urgency in other countries to de-dollarize in trades and a reduction of US debt holdings. The dollar is in a creditability crisis. When countries start dumping their dollars, the dollar will flow back and flood America, causing unprecedented hyperinflation. Therefore America want to take on Russia and China.

After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, US President Bill Clinton had the choice to integrate Russia into Europe and abolish NATO, OR, to slowly alienate Russia to keep them divided. Clinton chose the latter, because if there’s no more Russia “threat”, there would be no more NATO to control Europe. As the first NATO Secretary General, Lionel Ismay described NATO: “To keep America IN, to keep Russia OUT, to keep Germany (Europe) DOWN”.

The probable reasons behind the war in Ukraine and the potential war in the East:

(1) Prolonged wars to weaken Russia and China, to remove the threats to America and the dollar’s hegemony.

America can’t go to wars directly with Russia or China, because they are nuclear armed. Proxy wars put the battlefields outside of America. Back in the 1980s, America supported the Afghan Mujaheddin in a proxy war with the USSR, which helped drain the economy of the USSR.

Russia and China have given their clear redlines. America would use the proxies at Ukraine and Taiwan to push across Russia’s and China’s redlines to trigger the wars.

After the war broke out on Feb 24, the dollar strengthened.

(2)To kill the Nord Stream II gas pipeline

Last year, America warned Germany and Russia to stop the construction of the Nord Stream II. However, the warning was ignored and the pipeline was completely. The war was America’s response. Why America allowed a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany passing through Ukraine, but not the Nord Stream II running directly from Russia to Germany? Because then America could control energy supply to Europe at its proxy state Ukraine, which has a neo-Nazi military Azov Battalion supported by America since the Maidan coup in 2014 and a puppet president.

Now the pipeline is frozen and Germany has signed up for gas from America at much higher price. 

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