Buying goldfish.

🐠🐟Buying goldfish🐟🐠

They have a head, body and tail that are proportional to each other.  When swimming, the head does not sink to the ground or tip over.

Vibrant Colors and beautifully arranged scales.

Good health can be seen from swimming naturally.  It is not released to float on the water or float around the water surface most of the time.

for lion head fish  The back of the fish must be nicely curved.  There are no buttons on the back or the back of the fish dented into it.

The fins and tail of the fish are not bent or broken.  The fins look the same. When swimming, the fins bloom beautifully and do not sway.

The shape of the fish must have specific characteristics for each type of fish, for example, if buying a lion fish, there must be no fins on its back.

Buy fish from a permanent store, not a stall.








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