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The industrial revolution 4.0 needs the new generation of leaders.

Last Saturday, UTK kindly invited me to be the Keynote Speaker on Leadership and Human Capital for 4.0 at ADRI Indonesia 23rd International Conference “Human Capital Perspectives on Revolution 4.0 Era” Dynamic Development 4.0 co-hosted by ADRI Indonesia and International College of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (ICUTK). It was a great honor for all participants to have Dr. Sakthip Krairerk, the Chairman of University Council Board to preside over the conference. He used to be a Thai ambassador to many countries. His last mission was in the U.S.

Under his leadership, UTK always tries to strengthen local and international relations. International College of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (ICUTK) has very impressive works. Dr. Prattana Srisuk, the Director who used to be my Ph.D. student at Burapha University plays very active roles. She creates trust which becomes the university's pride. Now, International College of Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (ICUTK) is a good example. It can manage Thai aging population structure which minimizes the number of Thai students. Increasing number of international students promotes cultural exchange. This means UTK's future income.

Moreover, there were 4 more speakers like Indian, Filipino, Indonesian and American working in Thailand. I said that industrial 4.0 revolution emerged about 3 years ago from Prof. Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum founder. Even though it is called "industrial revolution 4.0", service and agricultural sectors also have this kind of revolution as follows.

1. Advanced Digital Technology

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

3. Robotics

4. Nano Technology

5. Quantum Computing

6. Biotechnology

7. Internet of Things

Due to time limitation, I started by recommending the first thing the leaders must have which was being opened to different ideas. While the global trends move towards individualism, Trump set up tariff as trade barriers. This is an out-of-date approach.

In this conference, good leaders should focus on cooperation to align with ASEAN Summit in Thailand. They should also think of free trade like RCEP involving ASEAN and negotiation partners like China and India. They must have wide visions.

Second, good leaders must look at the impacts. Besides technical or economic aspects, social and cultural aspects must be included. Everyone must be involved. Do not leave the gap between the rich and the poor.

4.0 should not make people become poorer. I like the concept of contributing to the communities. I do this when I have opportunities. The rest are leadership skills.

The most important thing is the emphasis on morality and ethics without greed. There must be integrity, transparency and good governance. Finally, good leaders must have passion. In 4.0 era, people face a lot of competition. Then, they become like robots. I think that good qualifications of leaders in 4.0 era must combine the western concepts like Creativity, Critical Thinking and Innovation with the eastern concept of HRDS as follows.

Happiness is to be happy at work.

Respect must be given to people of all statuses.

Dignity is to equally honor people regardless of economic status.

Sustainability is to look at long term without being greedy for short-term success.

I hope that the readers who missed this conference may take my concepts to analyze and apply to gain benefits.

Prof .Dr. Chira Hongladarom


Source: Learning from Reality Column. Naewna. Saturday 6 July 2019, p.5

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