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Xi Jinping, Lifetime President

Interesting news from China in this period was that the new constitution allowed Xi Jinping to continue working as the Chinese President without complying with the past rule of 2 terms or 10 years. At the beginning of this year, he was elected to continue his position as the President for the second 5-year term without any nominators after his second term expires.

Is lifetime president good? If he works well, China can grow more. If he makes mistakes, China can get into trouble. He may be dictator and political monopoly.

I would not say whether lifetime president will be good or not. I would like you to see Xi Jinping’s concept of people development in China. Some people asked him about human capital quality in China.

Xi Jinping mentioned about 3 points.

First, people in China must be ready to adapt to several changes of 3 types.




This is an important concept because the Chinese will be ready to respond to the changes from all situations.

For ethics and morality, the Chinese must have morality and ethics. We can see that Xi Jinping is a good role model for corruption suppression.

I am very impressed that he would like to promote professionalism among the Chinese regardless of activities and positions. I surveyed the success factors for achieving professionalism. I found several interesting factors as follows.

1. Personality. Regardless of positions, people must be always well-dressed and well-mannered.

2. Self-confidence. The overconfidence will cause troubles. They must prudently manage problems.

3. Reliability. People must work successfully with consistent quality.

4. Competency. They must have the right competency for their jobs.

5. Morality and ethics. Comparing to my 8K’s Theory, Ethical Capital is a part of professionalism.

6. Poise. When people face crisis, they must be able to control themselves and prudently solve problems to ensure the most effectiveness.

7. Social etiquette. They should be humble when they talk to the seniors.

8. Management competency. This aligns with my concept that being professional requires both functional competency and people management skill.

9. Accountability. Any activities must be transparent and assessed.

I believe that Xi Jinping’s professionalism concept is like the 9 rules I have already presented. China is still socialist. The Communist Party remains the leader. People and country development rely on the Communist Party’s principles which are adapted to the changing situation.

Professionalism is required to lessen the national gap and greed. This may be influenced by Deng Xiao’s concept of China’s one country with two systems. Therefore, Chinese professionalism is not as selfish as Colonial Capitalism. The U.S. is full of competition and greed. Communist-based professionalism principle is sharing for sustainability.

This concept can partly convince Thais to think that smart people or professionals should not be selfish. They should drive the country to reach sustainability. This principle can support Prime Minister Prayut’s Thai nationalism.   

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Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom

Source: Learning from Reality with Dr. Chira Column. Naewna.

             Saturday 10 March 2018, p.5

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