Ease of Doing Business: Regulatory Guillotine

Ease of Doing Business: Regulatory Reform

The Law Reform in Urgent Stage Commission, appointed by the Prime Minister, is now considering to  propose amendment or repeal of the law that impedes the Thai business sectors to do their business. The schedule and the main operation is determined into a propose to amend the acts and subordinate laws, respectively, to help the occupation of Thai people such as amendment or cancelling of obstacle laws and related other details to acknowledge people and business sectors, to reform administrative procedure and related information dissemination generally and systematically, and to review the laws, rules and regulations governing the granting of licenses to reduce the license, unnecessary operating procedure, or those obstructs to the career and the business of people in the future. The review of the need for a license is expected to result in a reduction of approximately 1,000 initial or simplified licensing procedures. This will reduce the cost of doing business and costing the economy in the long run. Additionally, the committee will drive the reformation to support the change as per the Thailand 4.0 Policy in the Thailand 4.0 Policy Committee meeting no.1/2560 on November 8, 2017, and it is considered and approved as it is proposed by the Law Reform in Urgent Stage Commission. The Law Reform in Urgent Stage Commission undertakes rapid legal reform. There is a propose for the amendments to the drafting of the Facility for the Consideration  of Government Authorization Act B.E. 2015, and if it is found that the amendments were made to amend the provisions, this will help facilitate the consideration of government permits, reduce the burden and obstacles in the career of the past by having the principle to amend the Act as follows:

1. Determine the process of initiating the licensor to review the suitability of the license or provide other means of substitution before the due date of the five-year permit as required by law.

2. Define the duties of licensor additionally such as collecting laws, regulations, rules,notifications, circular notices, orders, guidelines, or other legal documents,so that people can access to information easily. The description which is part of the guide for the public manual shall be made, as well as providing announcement of criteria for discretion of officials. There should also be a satisfaction assessment form and a complaint form as well.

3.  Facilitate the creation of documents thatgovernment organizations possess. by specifying that the license applicantshall request documents or evidence from the held government organizationinstead of the applicant by linking to information technology system.

4. If thelicensor has not finished making a consideration according to the details oftime specified in the people's manual, the licensor shall inform the licenseapplicant on every seven days.

5. Thepayment for fee is determined to be a renewal of the license.

6. In caseof license or proof of renewal of a lost certificate, the licensor can issuesubstitute or any other evidences without reporting the police officer.

7.The license and renewal of the license must be in Thai and in the languagesspoken in ASEAN (English)


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