Visualizing 21C

It's Holy! What we wish, a life in bliss. At the end, we depart, often without a kiss

Visualizing 21C

What we don't know, we learn
What we want - more, we have to earn
It's true! What we need, Earth can supply
Sadly Living, Love and Happiness, we often buy.

What we don't learn, we remember
What we do - more, we aim to better
It's a lie! What we are, always, important
The fact is, most our Lives, we are redundant.

What we can't see, we visualize
What we understand - more, roting won't suffice
It's Holy! What we wish, a life in bliss
At the end, we depart, often without a kiss

What we can't bear, we look sideway
What we pacify - more, alas we slay
It's Face! What we show, awards for our dreams
On altar, a burning rectangular, video streams.

When we aren't rich, we like to spend
When we work - more, climbing ladder o' stipend
It's Time! When we live, as heroes of this century
Stop wars, wastes and climate change, evolve our ecology.


[When we see flames rise in our head, we then know we can visualize!]

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