The sun never set in the west?


Ao-nang beach at sunset is very beautiful. I have spent two months of my vacation at Ao-nang beach . I still remember every impressive moment at this beach. Especially, when the sun was slowly setting. The sky was more beautiful than I have ever seen before. On the left side in the sky, there were two huge dark clouds. They seemed to be bringing rain soon. In these two clouds, there was lightning all the time. On the right side in the sky, it was romantic like a land of God in the legend. The sky and the clouds were painted by the shinning light of the sun. The sunshine was thick yellow like the color of the gold. At the sun was red and rather orange. It was setting down in the sea. It looked very terrific. In the sea, there were many islands and not very big waves. The islands seemed huge or tiny depending on where they were. The waves were reflecting light, because of the sunshine effect, and splashing heavily when they crashed onto the beach. Along the beach, there were a lot of coconut trees. On the left side on the beach, a couple of foreigners with cameras was slowly walking sightseeing. In front of me, a lovely girl and her puppy were jogging. On the right side on the beach, besides a bridge, a group of three people were enjoying their fishing. All around me was covered by a leisurely wind from the west. The darkness and the stillness were replacing the beautifulness of the sunset on the beach. I started to feel calm and cool like I was in my dream that I never wanted to awake, a remarkable moment.

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