Blobfish - the ugliest animal

Blobfish - the ugliest animal

The blobfish: world's ugliest animal?

This is a human prejudice. The way human see what ugly and what least connected to human. Human have ways to modify their looks (dresses, cosmetics, postures and articulates,...). Fish and many animals choose to modify their looks (to attract mating partners) only in mating seasons. How they look are largely due to their genes and their environment.

This year's ugliest animal reflects how human see ugly features in human -- how ugly human can look -- not really how 'evil' human can be.

How ugly are we? What is our ugliest feature? What is our most beautiful feature? How do we project/express ourselves as the most beautiful animal? How do we accept the 'ugliest human' as 'a human'? Is it as easy as to accept a beautiful human as a stupid dummy doll?

BTW, Appearance is an independent attribute, Intelligence is another. Both are expressions of genes (DNA combinations) in evolution. Neither are absolute noe permanent nor terminal. In the world of changes, seeing things as permanent is a serious fallacy.

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