Professional Meeting in Hong Kong

 Today I'm in Hong Kong Convention Center which is in Wanchai habour and join AOCR (click). Radiologist are coming from many countries in Asia. This is the 11th meeting and organized by Hong Kong Academy of Radiology. The meeting will be have a opening ceremony at 10.00 am (time different in HK 1 hr more advance from Thailand) but the first lecture is about " Liver Transplant" has just begin early in the morning.

 I just arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. There was no rain or storm . Our group consisted of 40 peoples included Dr. and technical staff from many provice from Thailand. We visited many places such as Victoria Peak which is in the top of KH and watching Hong Kong habour. We crossed the tunnel under the sea many times and we had a seafood for dinner which I'll show a picture later.

 During our trip Lily  our tour guide told us many tacit knowledge about life here such as if we drop a litter or piece of paper into the street ,you will have to pay to a police about 1500 HK dollar. The car here is not very expensive but the tax is very high so the ordinary people use pubic transportation such as a bus or train.