Women suffered from trigger finger more than men

“Prevention is better than Cure.”
The most frequent groups are women, housewives, or house workers. Who have been using hands more repeatedly and some time with high impact as well, such as washing, twist clothes, carrying heavy bags during shopping, using knife, cutting, chopping pork, chicken or meat, lifting  heavy pots, cooking devices, doing gardening, trimming branches of trees , digging soil etc. Carrying water containers the frequent and forceful manual exertion might be the reason why housewives suffering from trigger fingers. Thai males who were affected by trigger fingers related with golf players, gardeners, manual  tools users.

The culture and habits of Thai women like shopping buying carrying with plastic bags, which can hold twenty or thirty kg of weight or even more! Instead of using trolleys or using paper’s bag which they of course limit for heavy things. And working habits using manual works instead of using machines will cause more wear and tear of finger flexion mechanisms. 

Trigger finger is a preventable disease if oneself  is alert  and keep in mind of the possible causes and be careful using hand activities. Even though   trigger finger is curable .But
Prevention is better than Cure .”

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