Qoute of the day 14th

Change all the time


"Change all the time"


I read the book call " A smile of Wolf" from the writer, Aquarius.


That's a translation book by Jureerat Arayakittipong.


This book is make me change my mind.


I've read it for many year, so I forgot it. But I read it again today.


I saw the forth chapter, "Wolf game ... destroy the regulation"


The main idea is "Change all the time"

You are husband on the bed.

You are father teaching your son.

You are a passenger on the plane.

You are the customer in the restaurant.

You are the manager in the office.


We change all the tine.

I remember the subject I've study, Sociology.


Human have many duty and role.

I think it's look like that word above.


Just change your mind and think you change all time

Your knowledge never endless,


"if you think you know everything, that mean you don't not know anything."


Good bye

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Good nigh

"if you think you know everything, that mean you don't not know anything."

yes ! เห็นด้วยคะ

  • Thank you to P'Prakai krub
  • Yes, cause knowledge change all the time too.
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