Occupational Health and Medicine

Occupational health is the health status and safety from work effect

Occupational Health and Medicine

         Occupational health is the health status and safety from work effect included holistic of human such as environment, hygiene, job description and individual health position exist for good physical and mental health without illness, injured and disabled in that to maintain a job and earner. This is the important for appropriate mangeability namely this is a daily life.

          Occupation health aim to promote healthy for worker, prevent ailment from the job and environment and control accident number under the three basic extent consist of the occupational environmental, the medical history and physical examination.

For example case of occupational health

-                                        -      A pregnant woman who works as a laboratory technician asks her obstetrician if she should change her job or stop working because of the chemicals to which and her fetus are exposed.

-                                         -     A middle aged man visit his orthopedic surgeon and states that he is totally disabled from chronic back pain, which he attributes to lifting heavy objects for many years as construction workers.

           In case magnitude of the problem showed the number of work-related illness that 390,000 new work-related illness occur each year in USA, UK = 46,284 new case and Thailand = 10,000 case per year indeed it is only statistical present, the worker has suffered many hardship more than number but they can’t make a demand to employer because it attached to job and earnings so the policy should be control for responsible employ. 

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