National health examination and interview survey

National health examination and interview survey

National health examination and interview survey

The common national health examination and interview survey aim to survey health behavior and health status include assessment and interview. Health behavior includes nutrition, exercises, activity from wake-up till to sleep. Health status means to number of illness in community moreover to see the wealth such as socioeconomic, society sanitation incorporate there house, property, water and toilet.

Whenever that you join with team , tried to induce your mind to clear objective, clear tasks, mad a team to teamwork,good character to cooperation and spirit with love on this job.

Before going to the field , the method for planning is very important because it can make objective and process to success.  It consists of 8 subjects

1.       Find target sample (Health staff and volunteers)

2.       Pre-survey

3.       Appointment with documents

4.       Registration; name list, consent form and pre-survey form

5.       Physical examination such as test blood pressure, body weight and other measurement

6.       Blood examination for people not less 15 years old

7.       Interview population by questionnaires

8.       Health education by team leader


Suppose, the plan was present what, where, when and how. It very easily to go on step by step and help to explore the community for examination and interview survey.

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