Mr. Wansulaiman Chewaemachae


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  • Academic Higher Education
  • Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus
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1996 Primary School - District 4 School
1999 High School - Triam Suksa Vitaya School
2003 Graduate School - College of Islamic Studies, B.A. Islamic Law
2007 Microsoft Certified Professional Developer : Web Developer
2007 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist : .Net Framework, Web Applications
2012 Certificate Course in Promotion of Peaceful Society Southern Border Provinces, King Prajadhipok's Institute
2013 Intermediate Certificate Course in Inspector Army Reserve Force Students, Royal Thai Army

- Training Assistant Judge Shariah Court, Malaysia
- Thai law practice Private law firm, Malaysia
- Teacher Training Centre for Islamic Studies, Nong Khai Province Mosque
- Army Special Forces combat support academic departments, Marine Corps
- Assistant Secretary of the Security Department, Defense Pattani.
- Support of special forces. Volunteer militia in the separate (SA.25) in Pattani.
- The maintenance system, Pattani town hall.
- Administrators, computer security. The CCTV control center in Pattani.
- The radio dial religion (DJ), Pattani Town Hall.
- Software Developers. Software Industry Promotion Agency, Phuket.
- Graduate volunteers. Pattani Labour Office.
- The Discipline students and Military affairs, Prince of Songkla University.
- The Promotion of Peaceful Society Southern Border Provinces Network Group.

- Development website Islamic Law and Ibnuaffan savings & cooperative.
- The expert sniper certificate (gold medal) in the Marine Corps Infantry.
- Certificate .NET technology developers of Microsoft Corporation.
- Laureates Short Film Contest of Pregnancy in Teenage, The Southeast Asian Consortium on Gender, Sexuality, and Health
- The person who receives the most votes in an interview on JFK Library PSU.
- New Recorder High Heat in (KM)

- Reading books on computer networking and knowledge management.
- Browsing about islamic education system on the Internet.
- Database design and development of information systems for organizations.
- Security Executive agencies under the provincial leaders.

Special Skills:
- Training the trainers, Coordinating agencies.
- Radio Control, Public knowledge about Legal and health.
- Web development technology architecture on Microsoft.NET.

- Mr. Panu Utairat, Pattani Governor call. 081-999-0919.
- Mr. Aapon Amatavet, Pattani Labour Office call. 073-335159.
- Mr. Vongsak Jantarojvong, Pattani Defense call. 073-348184.
- Ms. Saowalak Lebang, Pattani Public relations call. 073-348435.
- Asst. Nifarid Radenahmad, Vice President for Student Development's call. 0816988456.