Tip for KM Sucessor(4)

CSF for KM in Singapore

Tip for KM Sucessor from APO Meeting in Yogyakarta Dec 2005 (4)

Mr.Praba Nair_Director KDi Asia:Singapore



Critical Success Factor for KM in Singapore



  1. Leadership


    1. Top management leadership and commitment toward KM


  2. Organisational Policy


    1. A formal system that allows for contribution of every employee’s opinions or suggestions


    2. Adequate budgeting or funding to support KM projects


    3. Reformulation of any rules that obstruct the implementation of KM


    4. Documentation of the operating rules, policies and procedures for KM implementation processes


  3. Knowledge Sharing and Acquisition


    1. Gaining knowledge about customers


    2. Sharing knowledge with members of other work groups within organisation
  4. Performance Management
    1. Reward and recognition for actual performance improvement


  5. Teamwork and Empowerment
    1. Actively encourage employee participation in decision process
    2. A spirit of co-operation and teamwork
    3. Supporting team-based approaches to problem-solving
    4. Encouraging knowledge creating teams such as knowledge task force, the future group or learning group


  6. Benchmarking and Training
    1. Encouraging employees to benchmark other organisation’s best practices
    2. Providing employees with adequate information of KM related principles through training



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