Ghost V.S.Verginia Satir :
A  Lesson From Nongkai Mass Hysteria in 19 teenaged girls.
Pasiyasoot  Intasuwan
Piyadet  Valeepitukdet
La-iad    Panyoyai
Chavarat    Vantanit

Objective:  1.  To study the epidemiology  of  the Mass Hysteria in 19 teenaged girls.  2.  To study the cultured bound believing in ghost and the its connection with the  community life style.  3.  To study Satir’s model  by  the psycho therapy session  with 3 indicated girls who began  the phenomena to coped with the problem and grew up their intrapsychic concepts.
Method : 19 teenaged girls from the same secondary school who had the symptoms of possession and dissociation and  claimed that were the power of the ghost they could not resist were referred to Nongkai Hospital to saw a neurologist and a psychiatric nurse by their teacher.After history taking,physical and neurological evaluating, and differential diagnosis were done,the neurologist diagnosed these girls as the “Mass Hysteria” and there were 3 indicated persons who had begun the phenomena ,they were referred to the psychiatrist who use the Satir brief systemic psychotherapy to helped them coping the stressors and experiencing  the growth of their intrapsychic part.After psychotherapy session all these 3 girls were closely followed  by a local psychiatric team.
Result: After the psychotherapy session  3 clients were free  from their  symphoms, they declared no more ghost in their life as long as they let themselves free from it and all of them were let their intrapsychic part grew up and experienced loving and caring . During the session the therapist used Satir’s model step by  step for connection, iceberg exploration, positively direction , goals setting,experiencing and anchoring for the new positive experiences.  The therapist found that each one had the same cultured bound believes that influenced their life style and played role when they faced the stressors. Disconnected selves, unfullfill  yearnings, unmet expectations, negative perceptions and feelings of fear ,hate and depression had been found from their icebergs.  After changing processes, anchorings  were done not only by the therapists but with the cooperation of the teachers and the community there is no relapsing phenomena until now.
Conclusion:  The Satir’s model can help the therapist to cope and help the clients of mass Hysteria by the processes of connection, exploration, goals direction, decision for changing and anchoring ,finally by Satir’s model there is no one who relapse the same symptoms or has any psychiatric feature until now.