it is summer now,so it is very quiet in university&college.

        I will finish my study Tour by the big presentation to The staffs of the school of Health. The audiences will come from both university & rural doctors in New England Area Health Service. If I & my team make a good presentation,we will pass & recieve the certificate,so we work & prepare it very hard. It is very cold in Armidale,the city of The University of new England. I stay at Marry White college as the student,but it is summer now,so it is very quiet in university&college. Today it has a rain too. It make me very homesick.

        The time in Australia is rapid than in Thailand,now it is 00.20 am <8.00 pm in Thailand>

        I feel losing something when I can not wite weblog,so I try to writ it in English. 

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You will be find .I hope .Everybody whey they not study at home it has rind has homesick too.


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