how to grow chili

how to grow chili

Bring chili seedlings to plant in pots that have prepared the soil.  Then water it to be moist but not wet.  Do not forget that peppers are plants that love the sun.  So don't put it in the shade.  At first, the peppers were watered regularly every day.  But after the peppers start to flower and the peppers come out, leave the watering period.  do not have to be as frequent as the first

Caring for pepper plants is not much.  All you need to do is to keep watering, shoveling the soil, and removing any weeds that might infest the pot.  It is important not to let the soil get wet and to let the sun shine through.

If you take good care of the peppers  There is no waterlogging in the pot that causes mold.  Chili will produce a yield after only 2-3 months after planting.
When we know how to grow peppers that are not as difficult as you think.  This time, we don't have to worry about how much pepper prices will go up to the price per kilogram.  If our productivity is good, accidentally planting only in pots may turn into a career to increase income by expanding the planting area as well.

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