2006-12-11 Genting, Malaysia…again

My 2nd time in Malaysia but first time in Genting.

When I came back from SIN I reserved the seat to Genting at KL Sentral but I waited for 2 hours again coz had a lot of people. If you’d like to go somewhere pls. add more time for contingencies too.

Lucky me, I met a new friend on the bus. Actually she stays in Genting (She works at there), She came to KL during this weekend and go back at the same time. She told me about Genting and took me to sky cable’s queue but she can go inside before. I had to queue for 1.5 hours, so long. She told me that the first time in 1 year for hers to have more people like this coz 11 Dec is Selangor public holiday. After that I went to Sky cable for Genting with Indonesian friends.

New Indonesian friends / Nice KL friend at Genting

Ps. Indo friends, I don’t know before that we went to SIN and came back to KL by the same train and same bus to Genting too. Until the sky cable’s queue, I think they looked familiar and we talked together. They are IT specialist from IBM Indonesia and came to KL for training at Sunway, nearby my hotel at the same time too. Regrettable, if we known maybe we can went to SIN together and I’m not alone.

Fastest and Longest sky cable…I went to Genting by cable with Indo friends and went to Casino before. I‘ve less time only 2 hours coz I bought return ticket already at 3.30 pm. Today I came back to Thai, for safety I should to go to Airport before 7.00 pm

In Genting, to be full of wonder and excitement in Casino and Theme park. I was very enjoy but have a short time…I’ll go there again if I can.

Do you know the goal of your life? For me sometimes Yes and sometimes No. I have my goal, sometimes blur sometimes forget and often change hahaha!. But now I’d like to Travel around the world by myself…If I have more money !!!

Good luck…See again on the next trip

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