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   On Sunday, I went to Vouge Department Store in Krabi. I saw Swensen – ice cream shop – and I walked forward it. I stood in front the Swensen’s door.

   In the background, was a beautiful wall, there were many colours and there were a lot of saying written on it. It made me feel good about ice cream. It meant if you eat ice cream, you will be happy. In front of the wall, were many tables, there were three sizes of tables – small size were used for two people, medium size were used for four people and big size were used for six to eight people. On each table, was a special menu of this month. In the back corner sat two young people in love with their ice cream and each other and in front of this sat four people – mother, father and two daughters – with their ice cream. They were happy when they ate their ice cream. On the right of this, and a little further back, was a large refrigerator. There were many glasses in it because cold glasses can kept cold longer for ice cream. In front of the refrigerator, in the left hand corner, was a small refrigerator. There was a lot of ice cream. In the right hand corner, was a counter. On the left of this, were a lot of Swensen’s menus. There was a lot of ice cream flavours – strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, orange, mango, blueberry, chocolate chip and yogurt. Next to the Swensen’s menus were handouts of the Swensen. Near the handouts, was a tip box. On the right of this, was a calculator.

   In front of me, was a waitress, her hair style was a plait, her face was beautiful because she was made up and her dress was cute – a red T-shirt and short skirt. She smiled at me, invited me and she said “Welcome to Swensen“. In short, if you want to eat lovely ice cream, Swensen is the best place.

Written by Duangporn Noosomkaew

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