Guidelines for new English teachers

Teachers should not ... talk too much

Guidelines for new English teachers

Teachers should…

Teachers should not…

1) Classroom Management

Prompt students with some warm-up activities before starting a lesson (ex. TPR activities).

Start a lesson when students are not ready (ex. talking and chatting).

2) Dealing with Behavior’s

Talk to students about what the teacher wants and don’t want them to do to avoid unnecessary behaviors.

Let students do whatever they want, then they’ll realize that the teacher is O.K. with those things (talking out of turn)

3) Activities for speaking

Use real situations or real tasks to encourage speaking (ex.surveys or role-plays)

Only let students take turn practicing the target language.

4) Target Language and Useful Language

Present a clear target language on the board and also introduce useful language to the students (ex. How do you spell that?, Can you repeat it?, Can you say that again?)

Speak Thai

5) Activities for assessing speaking

Use informal assessments ( ex. Row up students in 2 lines and ask questions about target language)

Use worksheet because it’s not appropriate to assess the ability to speak

6) Student’s interaction

Spit students into pair works or into groups to encourage interactions

Talk too much

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