The white tree of Gondor

The man's life is limited. He will eventually die one day. At its most bleak, death is the final termination of all activity, of time and life as such. Whatever he did will be buried by the sand of the time. Therefore he invented the civilization to encapsulate his dream and his identity carrying on across the time.

The dream and the identity of the civilization will be solidified in the soul of the nation, thus it can't be changed, neither can be altered. It's taboo by nature in the first place. Sometimes, the soul of the nation will be represented as a symbol in the flag.

Through this, it will build trust among the people of the nation. Trust is like a candle to light a clear path, to encourage on moving forward, and be a solid bond between the star light on the sky and the moral law within.


The White Tree of Gondor stood as a symbol of Gondor in the Court of the Fountain in Minas Tirith. The White Tree also appears as a motif upon Gondor's flag.

For me, the meaning of the spirit of the white tree is when the king bounded his head to the peasants.

All nations have been built through the foundational myth. We thus can understand its behavior by "political theology" rather than "political philosophy" according to Carl Schmitt.

"Sovereign is he who decides on the exception."

All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts not only because of their historical development — in which they were transferred from theology to the theory of the state, whereby, for example, the omnipotent God became the omnipotent lawgiver — but also because of their systematic structure, the recognition of which is necessary for a sociological consideration of these concepts. The exception in jurisprudence is analogous to the miracle in theology. Only by being aware of this analogy can we appreciate the manner in which the philosophical ideas of the state developed in the last centuries.


เหล่าอสูรทั้งหลาย เมื่อฟื้นขึ้นมาจึงรู้ว่าตนต้องกล ๓๓ มัฆวาน ให้ดื่มสุราเมามาย จนตกมาจากเมืองสวรรค์ เมื่อพบต้นจิตตปาลิอันสูงใหญ่ใต้เขาพระสุเมรุจึงหวนให้เหล่าอสุรานึกถึงต้นปาริชาติบนสรวงสวรรค์ ฝ่ายที่หลงกลพ่ายแพ้จึงเอ่ยอย่างเคียดแค้นและทอดอาลัย ...

"ตาตา น สุรํ ปิวิมฺห"

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