Aerotropolis - Asia Aerospace City - Logistic Reform in Southeast Asia

I used to talk about the issue about the development of High Speed Rail, Aerotropolis and Logistic Reform on Voice TV before. (See clip below)

Today, The Malaysia Insider has published an article about Aerospace City milestone expected in 2018 - See this news at:

You can visit to Air Aerospace city at this website : , or watching clip here:

It seems to be the first Southeast Asia aerotropolis according to John Kasarda's idea.

Given, the political and economics backdrop in Thailand recently, it seems Thailand has lost her opportunity to making logistic reform to boost her competitiveness, hence it's highly to losing positioning of flight hub to Malaysia completely. Not only losing such positioning, but a losing of feeling optimistic future and aiming high in the country development.

Since when, I feel losing pride in my own nation?

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