Student participation in quality assurance in Universities/Faculty/Departments

"Student participation in quality assurance in Universities/Faculty/Departments"-- 

1. One of the most important goals of universities is to enhance students’ learning.
2. To do this it is essential that students actively participate in every step of the development process.
3.Student involvement should be always understood to mean full participation.
4. The closer students are involved in departments’ activities, the better the result for enhancement.
5. There is no question that students would not be capable of participating in quality assurance (QA) at the national level; the basis of the partnership has already been built at the departmental level.
(Finland's experience)

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Errh point 2 asks for "full student participation' in the quality assurance process, BUT

point  5 says 'students aren't capable of quality assurance at the national level', Though these seem clear in division of responsibility terms, they also spell "limited" (not full) participation.

If we understand "quality" as a (human) specified agreement (to satisfy demands) among participating parties, assurance is a necessary confirmation of such agreement by ALL participating parties at ALL levels.


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