Developing a Health Information Systems Model to Support Decision-making

Mr. Wattana Khongnawang

Asst. Prof DR.Somchit Ard-It and Niruwan Uparachai

Degree M.P.H  Major Public Health Information Systems Management
University  Mahasarakham University   DATE 2005



                A research in developing health information system to support decision-making is important because information systems are important to our daily life in political, economic, social and cultural aspects, and it is significant to development of work in all aspects and at all levels, Thus this study  aimed to develop health information systems, to evaluate efficiencies of health information systems, and to evaluate satisfaction of health information systems users. The study was conducted by analyzing the THO program system, examining a health index, designing  a database,  developing systems, evaluating efficiencies of the systems, and  by evaluating satisfaction of systems users from 8 administrations : district public health officer and health center heads ; and evaluating systems users from 16 task performers in health centers and in the Office of Ban Thane District Public Health in Chauyaphum province, Are Evaluated into Statistical Values of Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation. The study results were presented by means of  a descriptive  analysis.

The results were as follows:

1. The health information system model to support decision-making was developed by the use of Microsoft Access 97 Database Management Program. The developed systems were able to link information to the THO Program. The system users were able to process the data by inputting data and outputting data to other agencies.


They were able to collect and  analyze data, to compare data with health index and percentage, and to show block graphs. The users were able to implement the SWOT Analysis  technique in analyzing factors involving indices which indicated weaknesses and strengths, opportunities, and obstacles ; enabling systems users to know current conditions of operational outcomes. The systems user could implement factors involving cache health index in determination of alternative strategies for decision-making on planning for solving public health problems.

2. The efficiency of health information systems was found to be at the highest highly appropriate level while the systems users who were administrators showed satisfaction was found to be at high level ; and the public health task performers in health centers and in the office of District Public Health, showed satisfaction at a high level as well.

In Conclusion, the developed health information  systems model to support decision-making was efficient and could be implemented in agencies involved.





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