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Inspired by the Twitter war between foes John Cena and The Rock, the WWE Universe followed suit during Raw in debating the titanic WrestleMania clash. The highlights from the Cena-Rock social media spat spilled onto Monday night’s broadcast and gained steam overnight amongst WWE fans, whose tweets include the announcement of Shawn Michaels’ return and David Otunga’s foil-like footwear.

It’s the day after Raw. Let’s see what you thought …

Rock and Cena’s Twitter tussle

For days, the 140-character clash between the Cenation leader and The People’s Champion entertained the WWE Universe with pointed, colorful commentary directed at one another. While Cena provided his own footage of his 630-pound deadlift in the gym, The Great One stuck it to his rival from the set of his latest film. Not to be outdone, The Rock alluded to a potential face-to-face confrontation with Cena on Raw in just three weeks in Portland, Ore.

Who owned who, just about 50 days till WrestleMania XXVIII? You be the judge.

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