Scheduling Resources

Presented by Cpt.Anupon Naksut

    Today I have some more knowledge management to give us for keep going on the way of project management so today’s subject is Scheduling Resources.

     Firstly I want to say that usage and availability of resource are the major problems areas  for project management so for developing a project schedule , we can point out the resource bottlenecks before the project begins not only this but we have also to look in some of many constraints that may occur along with our project time periods life. Some constraints must be balanced with all other things in the project  to achieve project success and the one of very important universal project constraints is resources constraints ( People, Materials, Equipment, Working Capital ) so after this we will need to know how to allocate and assign this resources to a project. Unless adequate resources are provided so we can understand that resource allocation is a significant component of project scheduling (Scheduling : A time sequence of activities and events that represent an operating timetable.It is specifies the relative beginning and ending times of activities)     So from above details we can conclude that Resources scheduling is the process of determining dates on which activities should be performed in order to smooth the demand for resources or we can say that this is the process of calculating a set of scheduled dates that takes into account the resource requirements of each activity and the availability of these resources.

Managing Risk  

    Risk management is one of very unforgettable thing in project management so we can know that The management of risks is a central issue in the planning and management of any projects.

    The simplest best definition of risk is the possibility of loss, injury, disadvantage or destruction so for the protecting from any risk, we need to apply this definition to the issues of project management in the early starting point for successful in risk management.

     And  we could note that  " the issues of project management..." is mean that “ How to imply a concerned, experienced, and capable effort towards any and all issues of immediate and long-range concern within the project ”.

      Then we can conclude that risk management is the sum of all proactive management-directed activities within the project that are intended to acceptably accommodate the possibility of failures in elements of the project. And "The Acceptation" is can judged by the customer in the final analysis but please do not forget that the internal goals still should be to a higher level than customer expectations.

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