Week 8 dated 4 August 2006 - Chapter 6 Part 2 Constructing a Project Network

Critical path is the longest path through the activity network that allows for the completion of all project related activities. Delays on the critical path will delay completion of the entire project.

Most of constructing a project network will show in activities on node because such network can be applied to use for mixing of several nature of work which have difference relationships in condition of time leading or lagging such as finish to start, finish to finish, start to start, start to finish, and combination. Then, network diagram of MS Project software program is shown for activities on node (AON).

            I will tell you that when I start to use MS Project software, I follow the steps as below:

- Menu “File” clicks “new” and select “blank project” at left column of window, after screen show the guideline as follows:

Plan and schedule your project’s task by click an item below. Clicking an item displays tools and instructions for completing that step.

Define the project

Define general working times

List the tasks in the project

Organize tasks into phase

Schedule tasks

Link to or attach more task information

Add columns of custom information

Set deadlines and constrain tasks

Add documents to the project

Publish project information to the web

After planning your tasks, you can go to the resource area to build your project’s team and assign people to task.”

If you follow above step, you will success your schedule.


- We can see critical path, all work, critical group, etc by “click” on menu “project” select “filter for: critical, all work, critical group, etc”.

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