Chapter 6 : Developing the Project Plan

A Project Plan
 Developing a Project Plan Presented by Cpt. Anupon Naksut     Hi everybody , today we have some project management knowledge to present  as usual for your guys who need to know about this subject and today I going to talk about “ How to develop a project plan ”       First  I want to say that no matter how small or large of the project for developing the plan  because a clear definition and all statement of the areas that impact  the project needs to be established and The Project Plan is the high level management document of the project that we need to do for having a comprehensive overview of all in the project components and to show  how we can  intend to produce the outputs and describes the roles and responsibilities of each party in all work structure of the project and so on     Then I think that the Project Plan should be made from the acceptance or approval of a preceding stage such as Project Proposal  because in the plan we have to expands this proposal in order to provide specific details on the scope, budget, resources, work plan and milestones of the project  and to define the project and quality management processes to be used throughout the project; and so far.      So we can go to do this plan by doing the series of steps that take we through a planning and scoping exercise that will provide us the basis Project Plan and we can use the work packages template to plan to do the project work ( Activity on node or Activity on arrow ) to look in the critical path that is very important in the project and also have to indicate some project deliverables and reports that  “ when we  are due, phasing of work packages, and explain any dependencies ” and we can also attach some Gantt chart, diagram, or flowchart to illustrate phasing as I talk above.      At  last we can conclude that the Project  Plan should be done based on the organization plan template before we are going to do the project for protecting our team from all uncertainty things and some other risks to make we go in the same direction throughout the project.        
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