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My Project Scope preparing.
Telecommunication center of the Royal Thai Army  Scope statement :  The new expanding communication network of RTA in the deep south of Thailand.

Prepared by :  Cpt. Anupon Naksut

Date : 14 July 2006 Organization background

    My organization  is Telecommunication center of Royal Thai Army. We are the service sector that working to plan, provide, operate, monitor, and maintenance the Telecommunication system for supporting the Thai army and we have around 180 employees. 

 Organization structure Telecommunication center
  • Center Part Operation                                             
  • Eastern Part Operation (ทภ. 2)
  • Northern Part Operation(ทภ. 3)                                    
  • Southern Part Operation(ทภ. 4)
  • Supporting Operation
 Organization objective

     Telecommunication center has the goals to support  in communicated  network for linking all parts of the Royal Thai Army and our country

 Project Background and objective

       For now , The telecommunication center of RTA , we already provided some communication network to link  all RTA sites all over Thailand but for the bad real situation  in the deep south of Thailand now, it is going in the worst way all the time so the RTA have to improve our performance to keep in touch to take care about this situation.

      So for this project , as I am in Telecommunication center of Royal Thai Army so I plan to do the project about  expanding the new communication network to support our new RTA sites in the south for getting closer and better performance of RTA.

   The Scope for The new expanding communication network of RTA

      This project , I will plan to expand the new 5 microwave link sites to connect for our data transferring with the previous sites that have operated already around this location.

       And  after we done this project ,we will exactly have the better communication performance to link the data among the RTA sites in the deep south of Thailand.

 Project description……………Up next  




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