Week 3 dated 30 June 2006 - Chapter 3 Organization: Structure and Culture

Dedicate Teams

Three (3) different types of project management structures

·        Functional Organization

·        Dedicate Project Team (Project Organization Structure)

·        Matrix Organization Structures

·        Network Organization

            My experience is functional organization and dedicated project team. I don’t like functional organization because scope of work not clear, no host center, one employee may be responsible the work more than 2 projects while also must do on routine works. It is not easily to manage the resources for support all projects. Previously, functional organization used for serving several small projects in the same time in order to use effectiveness resources. Manager in head office managed all managing and resources. The problems will occur on available of resource, project coordination and interfacing not involved to integrate.

             Dedicated project team (Project Organization Structure) is used for big project when schedule over 6 months. All managing will manage by functional managers of the project. All managers are authorized in their functional by not depend on head office but head office shall selected suitable employees who able to proceed their functional for work cross-functional under project manager. I agree for advantages (simple, fast, cohesive, cross-functional integration) but disagree for disadvantages by the reason as follows:

·        Expensive: almost variable costs of project come from daily allowance, resting place and travel. Due to resources are assigned on a full time basis and continue more than 6 months; for EGAT if employees works on others place continue more than 3 months pay for resting place will reduce to 40% from 4th month, continue more than 12 months daily allowance will reduce to 75% from 13th month, continue more than 24 months daily allowance will reduce to 50% from 25th month. Creating new manager look like create specialist for functional. Assignment on full time, suitable for the company which many employees.

·        Internal strife: employee come from difference functional for work in project team, same goal, new something in their live so they want friend, friendly and counsel.

·        Limited technological expertise: usually almost big project it high technology, project team shall work with specialist from the contractor and consultant. It will create specialist on the job training.

·        Difficult post – project transition: employees who pass the project will have experience when they back to original function they are value people of organization for business expanding.




Organizational culture: Strong connection between project management structure, organization culture, and project success.

 Organization culture is norm, beliefs, values and assumptions that bind people together. In my understanding, organization culture is behavioral norm that created by people in organization by share leaning, practice, and understand in the same meaning. New employee will observe behavior of the old employee and perform follow them. Employee who disagree organization culture will has problem in social, isolated and effect to performance, unhappy and leave from organization to find another place where suitable for them.

Organization culture will control all in organization, effect to direction of organization, decision-making, resources allocation, promotion and organization structure. There are 10 primary characteristics of organization’s culture

·        Member identity

·        Team emphasis

·        Management focus

·        Unit integration

·        Control

·        Risk tolerance

·        Reward criteria

·        Conflict tolerance

·        Means versus end orientation


EGAT specify 5 values for FIRM PERFORMANCE come from…

·        Fairness: ตั้งมั่นในความเป็นธรรม

·        Integrity: ยึดมั่นในความซื่อตรง

·        Responsibility: สำนึกในความรับผิดชอบ

·        Mutual Respect: เชื่อมั่นในคุณค่าของคน

·        Performance Excellence: มุ่งมั่นในผลงานเพื่อความเป็นเลิศ


 I am not so understand for my organization culture, EGAT still to be traditional organization, respect older, no any complaint when do something wrong, consider to promote older than performance or sometime consider base on social and politic.


                        People want 5 levels

·        Basic need – food, cloth, house, medical

·        Safety in life

·        Social

·        Self esteem

·        Self actualization


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