The Rat and The Frog



               One day, a country rat wanted to go to town.

He prepared imself and started his journey. I

t was hot on the way. So the rat was tired and thirsty.

He then stopped near a big drink  water for refreshing himself...and to find some fruits to eat.

Near that pond, there lived a frog.

When the rat saw the frog, he walked straight towards him.

He forced the frog to take him to the other side of the pond.

But the frog refused.  The rat beat up the frog badly.

So the frog had to give up and agreed to take him across the pond.

The rat was afraid that the frog might leave him in the middle of the pond,

so he tied his leg with the frog's leg.

When they were in the middle of the pond, t

he frog stoped swimming, wanting the rat to drown.

The rat tried to swim to save himself from drowning while the frog looked on with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, there was a hawk flying by the pond and saw the two animals.

The hawk grabbed both of them for his meal.



1. rat  = หนู

2. frog  =  กบ  

3. country  =  ชนบท

4. town  =  เมือง

5. prepared   =  เตรียม

 6. journey  =  การเดินทาง

 7. weather  =  อากาศ

8. give up   =  ยอมแพ้

9. thirsty  =  กระหายน้ำ

10. near  =  ใกล้

11. pond  =  บ่อน้ำ

12. across   = ข้าม

13. refresh   =  สดชื่น


14. fruit  =  ผลไม้

15. towards  =  ตรงไป

16. threatened  =  คุกคาม ขู่เข็ญ

17. refused  =  ปฎิเสธ

18. harmed  =  ทำอันตราย

19. force  =  บังคับ

20. greed  =  ละโมบ  โลภ

21. afraid  =  เกรงกลัว

22. reached  =  ไปถึง

23. middle  =  กลาง

24. drown  =  จมน้ำ

25. satisfaction  =  พึงพอใจ

26. meanwhile  =  ในขณะนั้น




Anyone who has bad intention will always suffer bad results.


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