Tobaco, Income, and Problem !!

the world's tobacco largest producer and consumer

I have read from a yesterday newspaper : Some interested statistical data !!


China, the world's largest producer and consumer,  will ban all forms of tobacco promotion by Jan 2011 !!!


 the nation lags behind other countires in efforts to control the use of tobacco, and the biggest problem is the lack of national regulations banning smoking in public areas.

Figures from the Ministry of Health show that

       China has estimated 350 million smokers

            almost 1/3 of the world's 1.1. billion smokers

        Cigarette makers spent > 1.6 billion yuan ($212 million) to promote their brands last year

       In 2005, the government collected 240 billion yuan ($31.7 billion) in tobacco taxes

           from : China Daily, Wed Aug 29, 2007 :pg.1


 People here smoke a lot, it is a very common habbit !! every where you go, you can turned to be a smoked ham

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