Theaters Draw More Attendance Than Favorite Movies With Oscar Nominations

It was quite an exciting time when Netflix launched their brand new feature; the brand new Netflix film, “Rotten Tomato.” With over one million selections on the platform, we found the 100 best Netflix films with the highest Tomatometer ratings! You will quickly see that none of the movies available on Netflix fall below 90% on the Tomatometer, which means the overwhelming majority of movie critics that saw those movies offered them a positive rating. This kind of media coverage is unheard of in the past and certainly a huge boost to the popularity of Netflix as a whole and the service in particular. แวมไพร์ ทไวไลท์ ภาค 3

One of the most popular picks on our list was Downsizing, starring Will Smith and directed by Michael De Luca. In late 2021, Netflix released a movie that would be the first of what would be many Oscar buzzworthy movies to be made available on the streaming site. The film, Downsizing, did receive great reviews from critics, but no Academy Award nominations. We can safely say that the film’s success was predicated on a critical success that would come after the movie had begun to gather some mainstream audiences.

One of the most critically acclaimed films of recent years was The Social Network. Starring Jimmy Fallon and Jeff Daniels, The Social Network tells the story of how three college graduates get together to build an online social networking website in the hopes of starting a profitable business. The film was directed by Lucid Pictures and its cast included Summer Glauberman, Emily Rata, and David Fincher. The Social Network became one of the biggest winners of the Oscars and went on to receive four Oscar nominations and ultimately won the Oscar for Best Picture. Its acceptance by the Academy Awards was a huge boost to Netflix’s sales.

One movie that was widely panned by critics and failed to earn any Oscar nominations was Disney’s Finding Nemo, which debuted in theaters last year but did not receive any Oscar nominations. After an impressive run at the box office, the film was axed from Netflix as well. It is possible that the low percentage of Oscar nominations contributed to the decision.

We should also give props to the movie Oxygen. Though critically panned by both critics and movie goers, Oxygen nonetheless managed to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The movie was directed by Peter Landesman and was largely centered on the rivalry between two aging Hollywood icons: actor George Clooney and director Martin Scorsese. The movie itself was a hit with critics and earned much praise from critics and movie lovers alike. Indeed, many of them gave it the highest percentage of Oscar nominations that ever went to a film directed by a non-opic and that made up a good portion of the total number of oscar nominations that occurred in the past few years. Oxygen’s best makeup nomination came from The Social Network, which was a movie directed by David Fincher.

A total of eight movies were awarded with a percentage of Oscar nominations and eight of them came from The Social Network. Of the eight movies that earned Oscar nominations, The Social Network was the only one that didn’t receive an Oscar nod. There’s no doubt that this movie was a box office hit, but the turnout was lower than expected and some people believe that the movie didn’t do well because it didn’t answer the question that it was attempting to answer, whether the internet can replace the traditional moviegoing experience. It may very well be that the audience was expecting a superhero movie and not a social network comedy. Whatever the case may be, The Social Network may very well end up being the lowest-rated movie of all time, although its box office haul and Oscars performance will make some wish that the Academy Awards has been more lenient.

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