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When is the best time to watch a movie in India? For a large chunk of the Indian population, a movie is usually a big occasion. Hence, it is worth going to the theatre at least a few days ahead of the movie’s theatrical launch, so that you don’t miss out on the big show. (1) The first criterion we will consider is whether the movie is popular in the country or not. Every country has its popular movies, but India is famous for the (often bitty) Hindi movies (think Mankatha), while western and action TV shows are big in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan. Hence, if you are not watching any of these shows, you are likely to miss your share of the (often superb) Indian movies on TV.The second criteria, we will consider is whether the movie is popular with local audiences, or not. India is huge, and the majority of Indians can’t be bothered to go to cinemas, so why bother visiting the (very small) theaters? Similarly, most people in the US and UK go to cinemas every weekend, whereas most of the Indians (and hence, Asians in particular) only go to cinemas every week or two. Hence, a movie’s popularity in the country or in the local community is one of the main factors that help determine its box office performance and hence, its worth in the market. ซีรีส์
Another important factor that we need to consider when deciding which movie will make us happy is whether the movie is popular among other Indian movies or not. If it is not, then we probably won’t watch it. The top movies release calendar for the year/month is an excellent tool to gauge the popularity of different movies. This calendar shows which movies are the most popular and which ones aren’t.One of the best ways to gauge popularity is to look at the movies release calendar for a given month. If the movies are popular, then they will almost always feature in the list of movies release calendar. And if there are no popular movies appearing in the calendar, then the show is likely to be lacking in popularity. Hence, this calendar helps us gauge what kinds of movies are more popular, and which kinds aren’t.(4) (3) (2) (1) On the other hand, if movies seem to be missing from the calendar, then they may not actually be appearing on the television screens. Instead, the director, producer, actor or actress might be trying to pawn it off to someone else.Once you get the idea in your head that which movies to watch, start searching for some independent films, comedies, dramas, horror movies, or anything else you can think of. Usually, you’ll find a website where these movies are being sold. Most of the time, you can buy individual DVDs of whatever you want. When you see a movie that you really like, try to get the local cable channel to broadcast it so you can watch it at home or rent it from the local video store.For instance, say you’re looking for movies about the Civil War. You could find a website that sells these movies on renting them. Or you can go to your local video store to purchase them. Either way, make sure that you don’t have the “wrong” movie when you purchase one of these videos.Another great resource for movies online is Yahoo! Video. This site contains movies of all genres and is updated daily. In addition, you can also purchase movies as well via online auctions.

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