My name is Korakot  Klindet. My nick name is Mark. I was born on Wednesday 7 th of July 1993 in Lampang. Lampang is in the north of Thailand. I’m 27 years old. I come from quite a small family. There are three people in my family. My mother’s name is Khamaporn and my father’s name is Sittipong. I’ve got one sisther. Her name is Natthawan and she’s twenty two. Throughout my life, I have been lucky to have a very good ralationship with my parents. they have supported me, given me necessary criticism, and taught me get deal how to life my life.

I received  bachelor’s degree of Arts Program in Thai Language form Lampang Rajabhat University in 2012. Aften graduation, I live in Phitsanulok. I’m teacher of Thai language at Chalermkwanstee School. My life is happiness. I met a new friend. Find new work and new societies everything is experiencing my life. I feel good to be in Phitsanulok. I like everything here where people are satisfied with what they find happy.         

In 2019 I continued with his graduate studies in the Graduate Diploma Program in Teaching Profession form Chiang Mai Rajabhat University.            

These are all about me.

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