It's Spring...

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It's Spring...

Birds sing and dance, showing the fine of their feather
For Spring is near, they must find the one - their partner.
Birds eat and fly, nesting is only when right in time
Nursery for chicks' safety, life for offspring is prime.

We sing and dance, showing fancy lust in our looks
This time or whoever's here, we must find lovers, update our books.
We work and play, wearing a strange sickness in our heart
Dresses, make-ups,... the symptoms we show, we call -- Art

Buildings and machines, drugs and guns, nets and mobiles... Yes! Man-made goods
Cities, laws, trades, money and businesses... No! Keep our moods.
We're all seasons, our passion for human Vanity - er Superiority,
Should layers be unwrapped or tested, whether - our core's empty.


[It’s one Spring evening, a king parrot is enjoying an even meal. Wild doves do their picking in the field.]

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Thank you ขจิต ฝอยทอง : We ('Billy' the king parrot and I) are friends. I enjoy his trust and his flying skill. I think he enjoys my response to his resquest and my non-aggression manners. I make friends with many king parrots and lorikeets, butcher birds, pied larks, galahs, finches, ... We share in the same environment and it seems 'all is well'. We are learning others' languages too.