Know Karn Sermchaiwong from Archanwell’s Perspectives??

Written by Associate Professor Phunthip Kanchanachittra Saisoonthorn and translated by Bongkot Napaumporn

How long and how well has ArchanWell known Mr.Karn??

I remember that I have had a chance to read his articles before 1999 (B.E.2542) and I have known since then that he is a social worker interested in child issues. Moreover, I and Mr.Karn surprisingly have a same law professor, namely Prof.Vitit Muntrabhorn.

Actually, I and Mr.Karn have really worked together from 2002 (B.E.2545) to 2007 (B.E.2550) when we were a part of the Sub-committee on Ethnicity under the National Human Rights Commission. We both used this opportunity learning laws and policies for solving stateless and nationalityless people in Thailand and also helped so many people who have been facing such problem by using knowledge on those laws and policies.

Moreover, we both help developing classic knowledge and creating modern one for using in various situations such as work under the Sub-committee on Children, Youth and the Family and the Human Rights Sub-Committee on Ethnic Minorities, Stateless, Migrant Workers and Displaced Persons, the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

Recently (since 2007), we have started working together again on knowledge development in order to create ‘how-to’ for barefoot lawyers in local community. This how-to for stateless and nationalityless management in Thailand is well-known in the name of ‘5x6x6’[1]. Right now, it is tested in a social laboratory set by the Legal Assistance Center in Mae Ai District, Chiangmai, supported by network of law faculty, Payab University and UNICEF Thailand.


What are his special qualifications??

Mr.Karn really has an intellectual ability: thinking, understanding and analyzing situations promptly and systematically with a fully organizational ability. He has good judgment about what will be needed in the future and he also can make a wise decision based on such judgment.

Moreover, Mr.Karn is well developed both emotionally and mentally. He comes up with initiatives frequently. He is not a kind of those conservative and at the same time he is not too progressive to be an aggressive person. He is full of leadership without dictatorial characteristics, open-minded and also has excellent interpersonal skills. Finally, he has excellent writing and oral skills both in English and Thai as his mother language.


What are his greatest strengths??

Mr.Karn is a lawyer who really specializes in human rights and he also dedicates himself to working on such issue with industriousness. Therefore, work on human rights promotion and protection under his responsibility has certainly succeeded as always.


What about his self-development ability??

According to his specialization on human rights laws and also his well understanding about those who face legal personality problems in Thailand, especially children, I believe that Mr.Karn would be able to apply such legal knowledge he has to organize solving problems of stateless and nationalityless children better and better in the future.


What are his notable assets and limitations??

According to his 15-year experiences on work on child protection, Mr,Karn would be able to keep working on this field effectively. Moreover, he also has an excellent capacity in term of academic work, so this would help his practical work in the field improving outstandingly.

For the limitation, I do not think that Mr.Karn has any relating to work on human rights promotion and protection for children, youth and the family, especially those with legal status problems because since I known him, he has been devoting all his life to helping them, already.


Any additional comments??

The only one last thing I would like to give further personal information besides his work ability is that Mr.Karn is very good-hearted, so he is so loveable for those knowing him.

[1] Karn Sermchaiwong, “From 5x6 to 5x6x6”,

Karn Sermchaiwong, “Distinction of 5x6x6 Work Process”,

Darunee Phaisarnpanichkul, “5x6: From Formula to Practice for Personal Legal status Development under Thai Laws”, an academic paper showing methodology on people management under Thai laws, dedicating to social workers for stateless and nationalityless people on Andaman coast,

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